Taking oral contraceptives: Know the options, effects and risks of the pill

By admin 1 Comment February 21, 2019

The oral pill is the contraceptive method of most Brazilian women, but its use remains surrounded by myths and doubts. Does the continued use of the pill lead to infertility? Can I take the same medicine as my friend? How do I know if I need to change my contraceptive pill? These and other recurring questions were answered by gynecologists Erica Mantelli, Fernanda Pepicelli and Domingos Mantelli. Check below:

What to take into consideration before choosing the pill as a method?

The contraceptive has become an ally for women who wish to stop menstruation, treat hormonal problems or avoid an unwanted pregnancy. But before opting for the conceiveeasy fertility pills, the woman should clear up all doubts about the other contraceptive methods available , along with the gynecologist, to decide the best contraceptive method for her. “The main one is the consultation with the gynecologist who will perform a clinical examination, with the patient’s history, her complaints related to the cycle, as well as previous diseases, family history and the complete physical examination,” explains gynecologist Fernanda Pepicelli of the clinic MEDPRIMUS.

Is the same pill for my friend good for me?

Many women end up choosing to take the contraceptive they take without going through a medical evaluation, but this self-medication can be dangerous . “If this woman has a contraindication and take the pill, it can have very serious consequences. There are pills with high, medium, low and very low dosage and the indication will depend on the purpose of treatment: whether it is for the prevention of pregnancy, for the treatment of polycystic ovary, to reduce acne or interrupt the menstrual flow. Does Pill Affect Libido? Know this and other myths and truths about contraceptive use But it is not just the dosage that differentiates one pill from the other. The most used are estrogen and progesterone hormones, which can vary the type and amount of these present in the medicine. The most important thing is to make an individual choice. Some contraceptives, for example, are appropriate for the period of breastfeeding because they do not pass into the baby and do not reduce the amount of milk.

What side effects may indicate poor adaptation to the pill?

During the pause of the medication occurs a decrease of the estrogen, which contributes to the appearance of the headache, for example. In some cases, it is necessary to change the contraceptive to avoid the discomfort. ” Women who are predisposed to migraine may opt for the pills that contain progesterone and without pause . In addition, some anti-inflammatories prescribed days before menstruation may decrease symptoms, “suggests gynecologist Erica Mantelli. It is worth remembering that pills with lower hormone levels are less associated with migraine. The next morning pill should not be used as a contraceptive method: understand Other symptoms that may indicate that the woman is not adapting wellto the medicine are blood leakage, irregular cycle, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and bloating. The time the pill is taken – as long as it stays the same – does not influence its effectiveness, but can have effects on the reaction of the organism. According to Domingos Mantelli, the morning is the most recommended period , because at night it can block the production of melatonin, worsen the quality and stages of sleep, decrease the production of the GH hormone and increase the accumulation of fat.

What are the consequences of forgetting to take the pill?

Did you sleep out and forgot to take the pill packet? This is very common among women, but should not become a routine. The main consequences are a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug, which can lead to an unwanted pregnancy, and changes in the menstrual cycle , causing bleeding in the middle of the pack, up to twice a month and for longer. The following morning pill should not be used as a contraceptive method: understand. Doctors Domingos Mantelli and Fernanda Pepicelli recommend that the person associate the use of the pill with a habit to which he is already accustomed. “I always advise the patient to take the contraceptive at a time when the routine is followed daily. For example, take the contraceptive before brushing the teeth in the morning,” says the gynecologist. Going to the cell phone’s alarm also works; but for this, the contraceptive must always be accessible.

What is the difference between the cartons of 21, 24 and 28 tablets?

The difference lies in the goal of treatment that goes beyond the prevention of gestation . Continuous-use pills, for example, are preferred for women who do not want or can not menstruate because of some clinical condition. There are other 28 tablets in which the last pills are placebo, that is, they do not contain hormones, so the woman does not forget and menstrue without having to pause . In the case of cartons containing 21 tablets, the person must take for 21 days, stop by seven and return to use in the eighth; already in those that are of 24, it must be interrupted during four days and to return in the fifth.

Late menstruation: what can it be? Experts clarify

Some women who have genetically inherited changes associated with smoking and contraceptive use are at increased risk of developing thrombosis. It is therefore important to identify them and prevent more serious complications. “Specific tests to try to detect which women have this increased risk are available on the market, including those released by covenants. These tests, associated with the patient’s history and physical examination , make it safer for patients and their physicians to avoid more serious problems such as strokes “says Fernanda Pepicelli.

Positions for the pregnant woman to sleep

In general, there is no danger in any position. The important thing is for the pregnant woman to seek her favorite and to seek, despite the natural discomfort of late gestation, to have a good night’s sleep. Usually, up to the fifth month of gestation, women do not find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. With the belly still small, even the breaststroke position is possible, without any risk of tightening the baby or cause discomfort.

The problem begins to appear after the sixth month of gestation, when the belly is already very big. At this stage, the most indicated is to sleep facing the left side , the side of the heart. This is because this position favors blood circulation and as a result, blood flows better through the umbilical cord, sending more oxygen and nutrients to the baby. As the pregnancy progresses and the baby grows, the position of belly up can be very uncomfortable for the pregnant woman . With the weight of the uterus, the vena cava is compressed causing discomfort and shortness of breath. But just change positions and those symptoms disappear. Best positions for pregnant women – Photo: monkey business images /Shutterstockk. Sleeping to the right can make blood circulation somewhat difficult, leaving the baby more agitated, but offers no risk in addition to momentary discomfort. If the pregnant woman wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes that she is facedown (belly down ), despite the size of her belly, there is nothing to worry about as the baby is well protected inside the womb.

A position to sleep late in pregnancy

The end of gestation is marked by constant heartburn, shortness of breath and nasal congestion. To alleviate these symptoms and have a more comfortable night’s sleep, a good tip is to sleep slightly seated , using many pillows to raise your head. Pillows can also be a good ally to prevent back pain. The tip is to place one in the middle of the legs when lying on the side, which makes the spine more straight. It is also worth putting one in the middle of the belly, another to hug. Try different sizes and shapes and see what fits best with your body. The important thing is for the pregnant woman to seek her preferred position and try, despite the natural discomfort at the end of pregnancy, to have a good night’s sleep. There is no scientific evidence that prolonged use of birth control pills interferes with a woman’s fertility or makes it difficult to get pregnant. Some women experience irregularities in the menstrual cycle for several months after stopping the pill , but in most cases, this amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) is due to causes other than the pill, such as being under ideal weight or in a period of great stress. In fact, the contraceptive pill may even protect you from diseases such as ovarian and uterine cancer that cause infertility. Using the pill for years on end significantly reduces the symptoms of endometriosis,a disease that causes the accumulation of “menstruation blood” in the reproductive organs and even in other organs of the abdomen, and which is one of the great villains of fertility problems. In addition, former users of contraceptive pills are at less risk of having an ectopic pregnancy (when the embryo begins to develop in the wrong place, outside the uterus). Remember that contraceptive methods with hormones, such as the pill, should only be used under medical supervision because, like any other medication, they have side effects, especially for women smokers or with a history of circulatory problems.

The use of the contraceptive pill gives women a false sense of control: how effective it is to prevent pregnancy, when a woman decides to stop taking it, or to get pregnant early in the first few months. But not quite. In most cases, the pregnancy is not so immediate, even for those who have never taken pills in their lives. If you decide to stop taking the pregnancy pill, you should expect at least one natural menstrual cycle to see if everything works right again, and you can know when you are ovulating. There is no problem getting pregnant soon in the first month without the pill, but it is best to wait at least for the first menstrual period so that you can count the pregnancy more surely. It is quite normal that menstruation delays a little in the first month. If you are already trying, the anxiety will be great, and you will surely be disappointed with the delay, thinking that you are already pregnant. If you are thinking of stopping taking the pill in the coming months, you can start preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy, and take folic acid right away.